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9 3e Av Sud
Montréal, QC, H8Y 2L3


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[Result from the dictionary for "phylactery"]

masculine name

  1. Amulet, talisman, in Greek antiquity.

  2. Bubble, in the comics.

  3. Small square box containing the strips of parchment on which are written verses of the Bible that orthodox Jews wear on the left arm and on the head during the morning prayer.

  4. Banner with curled ends, bearing the legend of the subject represented, which the artists of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance included in the works of art.


From Then ...

Phylactère is my artist name since I arrived in Canada in 2008; do not hesitate to call me "Phyla" or "Phyli". I have a Jewish ancestry from Egypt, I grew up in France in the Paris suburb, in a family of teachers (on my mother's side) and artists (on my father's side). My mother is a nurse, my father is an actor. When I was 19, I went to New York where I started to pose as a model. At age 20 I moved to Canada to study anthropology until I was 26 years old, while continuing my model work in parallel to meet my daily needs, posing for drawing schools, in sculpture workshops, as well as for artistic photography.

…until today

Today I still pose as a model, as much as I teach the artistic approach, work on writing projects and help people who ask me to work with their body (for models, but also through yoga and sensitivity discovery for people who feel physically stuck). My various activities overlap and echo each other. I help people to discover and express themselves through the medium that suits them best, be it the photo, the body, the writing or a combination of all that.



Writing, coaching, workshops on demand

Contact me with a description of your project and what you are looking for, I will answer you with a proposal of options and rates.



I travel regularly to these places:

  • Canada: Toronto, Ottawa

  • France: Paris and other cities

  • Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other cities

  • Chile: Santiago and other cities.

  • India: Delhi, Mumbai and other cities.

(tax included, I provide receipts on demand)

  • Montréal: 120$/h, 220$/2h, 320$/3h, 420$/4h, 600$/full day

  • Canada: 150$/h, 240$/2h, 350$/3h, 450$/4h (half-day), 650$/6h (full-day)

  • Europe: 80€/1h, 160€/2h, 300€/4h (half-day), 400€ (full-day)

  • Brazil & India (on demand)

Please note that if I have to go to a specific location more than 45 minutes from home, transportation and possibly the duration of the trip must also be covered.

Each situation being different, these are guidelines that can be discussed and adjusted according to your project.

I only sign contracts I have read before. Or ask me to send you my own form.