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9 3e Av Sud
Montréal, QC, H8Y 2L3




Upcoming workshops


Workshops are an opportunity to meet around the same passion, get to see how other people direct the model and witness their process of creation.

Themes are organized to allow everyone flexibility to be creative, to work on your concept and create powerful photos for your portfolio. You will have access to

  • an adaptable scenography

  • two settings to work with

  • a wide collection of clothes and accessories available

The unfolding of the session allows each photographer to take turn to direct the model. Usually, when working with natural light, photographers are also allowed to shoot behind the shoulder. When it’s not their time to shoot, photographers are invited and assisted to select cloths, fabrics or and work on their idea for the moment it will be their time to direct the mode.

Professionnel fine art models do exists. They form a community of beautiful artist traveling through the world to share their art and collaborate with photographers. The workshops aime to give them a space where they can work when they travel, but also to sensibilize photographers to who they are and why it is important to support them so they keep becoming great to serve the purpose of art.

Damian Siqueiros

Past Workshops