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Montréal, QC, H8Y 2L3




Fine-Art Photography


The poetics of the image, the visual language, a tool in today's world that allows us to convey important messages

The goal of art is not to produce a product. The goal of art is to produce thought. The secret is not the mechanics or the technical skills that create art, but the process of introspection and the different levels of contemplation that generate it. Once you learn to adopt this process, your creative potential is unlimited. - Erik Wahl

photo : Stef D.

photo : Stef D.

A photography that responds to the changes of its time

Our workshops are organized to offer participants all the necessary tools for their artistic development, being amateur photographers or in the process of making of photography your main activity. Today's photography is changing: the visual, the process, the codes, the tools.

Our approach is a response to photography’s present evolution. today, photography cannot only be beautiful, you need to be more versatile, reflect on a project, have an artistic approach, think outside the box, add more tools to your creative process. Contemporary issues are those of a photograph that touches its audience, a photograph that speaks of emotion, accompanied by text, which works with symbols and different levels of analysis.

The setting of the workshops are an answer to those needs, where every photographer who wants to make photography part of their life, must find their niche. Conceptualization, reflection and self-awareness are key themes as technical or post-production tools. the training we propose to you here is designed to stimulate a creative sense, provide participants with different themes and opportunities, learn to work as a team, and learn from one another.


Studio Phylactère, in a few words ...

I created Studio Phylactère in 2014. Having worked as a model for several years and posing for many courses and photography events, I decided to offer a format in which I was able to put all the ingredients that seem key to me for the success of artistic photography:

  • a global perspective where the point of view of the model is integrated

  • a community spirit

  • a reflection on the artistic approach

  • tools adapted to the realization of the project

Each workshop is a unique experience that takes the form of a laboratory of essays and creativity. Guided by professionals ready to share their tools and knowledge, each session is built around a theme. Courses evolve constantly, themselves marked by the creativity and spontaneity of the moment.

Models are carefully selected for their skills, abilities and professionalism. I like to present models that come out of the usual stereotypical "beauty" standards. The range of models present at the workshops, men and women, is the richest that can be found in North America.